Programs for your Staff

Staff in high stress situations don’t usually have the tools to properly respond to challenges. The tools we provide can be used in direct response to stressful situations. They immediately bring the mind and body back to a state of presence and focus so that your staff can resolve the challenge more effectively.

Through customized staff programs, we provide tools, techniques and approaches to mitigate the impact of stress and increases staff member’s well-being, focus and productivity.

Programs for your clients

Clients in chronic distress due to health, social and economic problems are much more difficult to support. They’re not as open to engage in improving their own well-being. They become less likely to benefit from the organization’s services. We provide tools that help clients be proactive about their recovery and be open to receiving support from your staff.

Through customized client programs, we improve the relationship between the staff and their clients. This improves your organization’s ability to perform and deliver its services.