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mentorship opportunities

Apprentice one-on-one or in a group setting with Pierre-Etienne.

Building Foundations
3 Month Journey
(New Clients Only)

After thousands of clinical hours with clients in one-on-one sessions, I have found that committing to a healing container for a minimum of three months is essential for setting the foundations for true growth and self-transformation. You will learn how to manage stress and stabilize your nervous system, which is truly priceless.

This journey includes 12 sessions total:

  • One (1) 90-min initial private session.

  • Eleven (11) 50-min private sessions to be held on a weekly basis, within 3 months after the initial session.

  • Communications via WhatsApp (voice & texts messages) for questions and emergencies

Apply for a FREE Phone Consult.

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Leveling Up
6 Month Journey

(New & Existing Clients)

This is for people who are ready for a more longterm ​commitment to themselves & is recommended for new clients and existing clients who want to deepen their practice or take their healing & self-transformation to the next level. 

This journey is great for those:

  • who have been suffering from a chronic condition

  • who have some lifelong patterns & trauma to undo but need a longer time investment. 

  • who need to strengthen their perseverance & self-discipline and need a committed accountability partner.

This container includes one initial 90-min session + 50-min weekly sessions for 24 consecutive weeks.

Find out if this is the best container fore you & apply for a FREE phone consult.

Deep Diving
9 Month Journey

(New & Existing Clients)

This is a year-long journey to go all in, breaking unhealthy cycles & patterns, diving deep within, restoring a healthy & loving relationship with your body/self, and embodying the foundations of compassionate self-love & self-care for a lifelong journey of self-actualization & self-healing. 

This container includes 9 months of weekly sessions and 12 weeks of rest & integration & offers a complete & consistent continuity of care.

This is my most comprehensive & complete package & it's recommended for those who are serious about doing the work.

Please apply for a FREE phone consult to find out more. 

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Integration & Maintenance
6, 9 or 12 Session Package

(Existing Clients Only)

Establishing a sustainable practice & accountability, this is for already existing clients who have completed one of the above journey's, have established their foundations & would like to continue exploring and elevating but do not necessarily need the weekly immersion of the above journeys. 

In other words, you can schedule each session when you need them and you have a year to do so. It is recommended to establish a maintenance practice session at least every 4-8 weeks. 

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