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Men’s Leadership Training

4 days of Connection, Confrontation & Transformation

on Ancient Sacred Lands

Dahab, Egypt

Spring, 2024


 Are you ready to embody your purpose as a leader? 

Are you ready to take your leadership to the next level?

Are you ready to have a profound life-changing experience and unlock more of your potential?

A Transformative Training
for Men


In today's society, many men find themselves grappling with feelings of isolation and disconnection, often lacking a clear sense of their purpose and role in life. This retreat presents a unique opportunity to break away from the daily grind and prioritize personal growth and leadership development. 

Over the course of four days, we will delve into both our collective and individual masculine identity and purpose. Nestled in one of Egypt's most enchanting locations, this retreat promises to facilitate a reconnection with nature, allowing for a profound understanding of oneself and one's position in the world. Participants can expect to regain confidence, motivation, and a renewed sense of direction and purpose. 

Beyond personal growth, this retreat also emphasizes the significance of building authentic relationships. By fostering open communication and facilitating deeply meaningful experiences, we aim to cultivate a sense of belonging within a community of conscious leaders who share a common desire to create a better world for ourselves, our families, and our communities.


Inner-Work Practices

Local Experiences

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Meet the Team



Pierre-Etienne Vannier

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Pierre-Etienne has spent the past 15+ years learning, practicing and teaching traditional and modern body-mind methods of stress and trauma management, with for the purpose of healing and integrating our inner wounds. He guides those who are ready to heal and restore safety from within by returning to the truth and humanity of our body, finding natural balance in our nervous system and our relationship to ourselves, to others, to the earth and to the Divine. He is a father of 2, a student of Sufi Islam, and a lover of the Turkish Flute. Since 2019, he has been increasingly involved in men's work on embodied masculinity, particularly between France, the USA and Egypt. He is a co-leader with the Sacred Sons.



Mahmoud "Zag" Zaghloul

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Zag is a contemporary dancer and a certified Pilates instructor. Since a very young age Zag started his movement journey doing Karate on a high competitive level for over a decade, and that was just the beginning His passion for movement wasn’t only towards martial arts but also towards anything that can be challenging physically and mentally. It was a big shift when Zag started directing his focus towards dance as a full time dancer. Zag danced in many dance performances with many local and international choreographers on stages and in the street as multidisciplinary art Dance was the connecting link between movement somatically and all the other layers of movement emotionally, psychologically, and mentally. During his dance education Zag found his love for anatomy, biomechanics and many other tools that gave him more access to movement theories. Becoming a teacher of Pilates, was the real moment for Zag to see how regular and consistent movement can change someone’s life drastically Growing up in this field expanded Zags perspective and experience on how the human body isn’t just a vehicle to move with, but also a container for the human emotions, the more it’s explored, the more access to its compartments, the more magic to discover, the more power to harness, the more you remember what this body is designed to for.

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Leyth Hampshire

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Leyth Hampshire is a somatic coach and Men's Work facilitator. He draws on his experiences with breathwork, cold-water therapy, and shadow work to create a safe and transformative space for men. In addition to co-founding Emergent Men, a UK-based Men’s movement. Leyth is a ManKind Project initiate who completed the first New Warrior Training Adventure for black and brown men in the UK. He is also a UK Leader for Sacred Sons, a global organization that delivers Men's Work. Prior to his work in Men’s Work, Leyth spent 10 years working in various sectors including tech companies, governing bodies such as the European Union, and city councils in the climate sector. After experiencing a brain hemorrhage and stroke in 2019, Leyth has dedicated his life to promoting individual well-being and healing through his work.

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David Millar

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David is the founder of Mantra Menswork, providing world class experiences for men to heal, grow and transform. Something he desperately needed when he went through depression and near suicide. Through coaching, courses and retreats he utilises transformational coaching and menswork to guide men to find purpose, clarity and the practical skills to thrive as men, lovers and fathers. Supporting them to master their emotions, remove the barriers and beliefs that hold them back he helps men unlock their potential, feel better, live better and create real change in their lives. He advocates for a reconnection to the wisdom of our community elders, the power of men’s council and a reclamation of ceremony and rites of passage that he says we have lost, to the detriment of boys, men and fathers

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Accommodation Packages

Single Private Room


only 2 available

Double Room


only 2 available

Single Garden Rooms

Shared Bathroom

only 5 available

Triple Private Room


only 11 available

Private Villa.
Private Beach.
Private Chef.

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  • Who is this leadership training for?
    This leadership training is designed for men who aspire to become embodied leaders in their personal lives and organizations. It focuses on enhancing mindset, self-awareness, and the ability to inspire positive change within communities. Whether you're an executive, manager, entrepreneur, or taking on any leadership role, this program will help you unlock your full potential and drive purposeful leadership. Join us to embark on this transformative journey.
  • What will be doing on the training?
    As we venture into the nature of Egypt through mountain hikes, desert meditations and deep sea dives, you will not only explore this ancient external world but also be invited and challenged to delve deep into your own internal world. This training stands apart by seamlessly integrating men's work with a captivating cultural exploration, creating an unparalleled experience that will invite you to meet your edges, going to places you’ve never been to find your gold as a man and as a leader.
  • Is accommodation provided?
    Accommodation will be provided from Wednesday to Sunday. You can check-in from 4pm on Wednesday and you can check out at 4pm on Sunday. Options to extend your stay may be possible, to accommodate your flight times. Let us know how we can support you.
  • What are the days/times?
    The experience will commence on Wednesday November 22nd at 8pm with a welcome dinner and conclude on Sunday at 1pm. Every moment of every day will be purposeful, whether you are being challenged emotional and physically or taking rest by a fire with bedouin tea.
  • Is food included?
    There will be 2 meals a day included, curated by the on-site chef cooking local cuisine. There will be a dinner on Wednesday evening; lunch, dinner and snacks on Thursday, Friday & Saturday; and brunch on Sunday. All locally sourced Egyptian cuisine. Both meat and veggie options will be available.
  • Is transportation included?
    If you’re flying, the closest airport to Dahab is Sharm El Sheikh (approximately 1,5-hour drive). You’re invited to fly to Sharm and we’ll arrange for an airport pick / drop-off to and from Dahab. Local transport for activities in & around Dahab is included. If you’re local and you’re driving from Cairo, we invite you to come directly to Dahab. All flights are not included, however we are here to support you in choosing your itinerary.
  • Will I be filmed or photographed?
    We will be taking pictures and videos of this amazing experience, in order to normalize healthy masculinity and to inspire other men to embark on this adventure. You’re gonna want to immortalize these moments! However, we will respect any man’s decision to not be photographed. The media team will be aware of your choice and act accordingly.
  • How to secure my spot for the retreat?
    A non-refundable $500 down payment is required to secure your spot. You can also secure your spot by paying in full. The remainder is to be paid by October 1st, 2023. A payment plan can be arranged.

US Cell: +1-626-484-8396

Egypt Cell / WhatsApp: +20-111-444-3265


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